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December 07, 2023 (Thu)
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Prices listed include tax
Raw Space (9m2)
Space only - booth not included.
Early Bird Fee valid till March 31
  • 495,000 JPY
  • 440,000 JPY
= 0 JPY
Pharma Meeting Booth in the exhibition hall (9m2)
Pharma only.
Booth + space included
  • 605,000 JPY
  • 1,100,000 JPY
= 0 JPY
Startup Booth (4m2)
Venture Companies in business for less than 10 years.
Booth + space included
275,000 JPY
= 0 JPY
Trial Booth (6m2)
First time exhibitors only.
Booth + space included
330,000 JPY
= 0 JPY
Academic Package
30-min. presentation + booth + space included
132,000 JPY
= 0 JPY
Extra University Booth (4m2)
77,000 JPY
= 0 JPY
University Booth
Booth + space included
110,000 JPY
= 0 JPY
Extra University Booth (4m2)
77,000 JPY
= 0 JPY
Seminars / Presentations
Prices listed include tax
Sponsor Seminar
(60 mins.)
660,000 JPY
= 0 JPY
Luncheon Seminar
(60 mins.)
1,320,000 JPY
= 0 JPY
Exhibitor Presentation
(30 mins.)
  • 275,000 JPY
  • 165,000 JPY
  • 110,000 JPY
  • 55,000 JPY
= 0 JPY
Simultaneous Interpretation
(30 mins.)
110,000 JPY
= 0 JPY
Prices listed include tax
Additional Partnering Accts.
= 0 JPY
3 4 5 Total Fee:
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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. Contract formation and withdrawal
    Contract will be officially confirmed at the time the Secretariat receives the application form.
  2. Prohibited transfer of booths
    The applicant cannot lend out, sell, exchange, or transfer usage rights of its own booth without the permission of the organizer.
  3. Co-exhibitors
    If two or more applicants exhibit jointly, one of them must submit the application as the representative and notify the organizer of the company names, etc., of co-exhibitor(s).
  4. Installation and removal of exhibits
    The applicant shall decorate and move-in/move-out all exhibits and displays within the period stipulated by the organizer.
    If the applicant needs to move in and out or transfer the exhibits during the open period, the applicant shall conduct such an operation after obtaining the approval of the organizer.
  5. Use of the exhibition space
    Advertisement and sales activities shall be conducted within the booth space.
    Each applicant shall be responsible for avoiding congestion due to advertisement activities at the passage near the booth.
    Decoration and other articles shall not exceed the border of the allocated space.
    The organizer shall have the authority to prohibit or remove any conduct against the purpose of the exhibition such as decorations and exhibit items that are regarded to be a problem arising from any sound, operating manners, materials or other reasons.
    If the abovementioned prohibition or removal is exerted, the organizer shall not bear the burden for any repayment or any other related expenses to the applicant.
  6. Exhibition management and waiving of responsibility
    The organizer will do its best to efficiently manage and secure the exhibition as a whole including items displayed by engaging security guards.
    However, the organizer shall not be held liable to compensate for losses and/or damages resulting from any reasons.
  7. Guaranty
    Applicants shall guarantee the organizer that the exhibits, the related printed matters or other media do not infringe any third party's trademark rights, design rights, patent, utility model rights or other intellectual property rights.
  8. Applicant's obligations
    (1) If any third-party asserts to the organizer that an applicant's acts related to its exhibition at infringes on such party's trademark right, design right, patent, utility model right or other intellectual property right, the applicant shall assume the obligation to settle such dispute with such third-party on its own responsibility and not to hinder the normal and smooth proceedings of exhibition.
    (2) The person responsible in the case of a Group Exhibition shall assume similar obligations as specified in the preceding paragraph for any claim concerning the infringement of intellectual property rights from any third-party against the applicant who is a member of the said group.
  9. Compensation for damage
    (1) The applicant shall be responsible for any damage to exhibition facilities, building structures or injury accidents owing to negligence or other reasons of the applicant or its agent.
    (2) Applicant shall agree to assume the obligation to compensate the organizer for legal costs, debts (including attorney's fee), necessary expenses, and other damages arising from a lawsuit based on the claims in the following cases:
    (a) A lawsuit is filed against the organizer based on the assertion that an applicant's acts related to its exhibition infringe such party's trademark right, design right, patent, utility model right or other intellectual property right (including the case where the organizer becomes the accused together with the applicant).
    (b) The organizer assumes the obligation of compensating damages as a result of court judgment, or reconciliation whether judicial or non-judicial, with respect to the lawsuit as specified in (a) above. (In case of reconciliation, the organizer shall not be bound by the applicant's intention.)
    (3) The organizer will not be responsible for any typographical errors found in media advertising and promotional materials such as guidebooks.
  10. Booth and seminar allocation
    Booth allocation and seminar time table will be determined by the organizer based on the application date, the number of booths / seminar slots, themes, past participation and your requests. Allocated space and fixed seminar time table will be announced.
  11. Cancellation, Suspension or Changes to the Exhibition
    (1) The organizer may cancel, suspend, shorten the period of, or change the schedule or venue of the exhibition if the organizer deems it impossible or difficult to hold and continue the exhibition in the event that:
    • the land or building used for the venue becomes unavailable, and the organizer deems the land or building inappropriate for use;
    • the organizer deems it not appropriate to hold the exhibition following a request or order for, or a request for consideration of, self-restraint or cancellation of events by the government, administration or any public agency; or
    • it becomes impossible to hold the exhibition on the occurrence of any event of force majeure, or the organizer deems it not appropriate to hold the exhibition.
    (2) The force majeure events described in the preceding paragraph shall mean acts of God, including typhoons, heavy rain, tempests, floods and earthquakes, epidemics, public health risk, delay or suspension of service of public transportation systems, war, civil war, terrorist attacks, strikes and other causes not attributable to the organizer.
    (3) In no event shall the applicant claim compensation against the organizer for any damages caused to the applicant resulting from any decision made by the organizer, nor shall the organizer be liable for any damages, increased expenses or other unfavorable circumstances caused to the applicant as a result of any such decision.
    (4) If the organizer decides to cancel or suspend the exhibition prior to or after the start of the exhibition period, the organizer shall refund to the applicant with the full amount minus the expenses incurred up to that point.
    (5) If the payment have not been made, the organizer will issue an new invoice with the expenses incurred up to that point. Applicants are to discard the old invoice and make payment according to the new invoice with the stipulated date.
  12. Payment
    Applicants are to make payment by the date as stipulated on the invoice. Payment is to be made by bank transfer, in Japanese yen with the transfer charges being paid by the applicant. Promissory notes and person/company checks are not accepted.
  13. Cancellation charges
    In principle, cancellations will not be accepted. Only when the organizer deems it unavoidable will cancellations be accepted as follows:
    • When reducing the number of booths and the number of square meters of booths applied.
    • When canceling a single exhibition and changing to a co-exhibition.
    And in such cases the following penalties will be incurred based on the date when written notice of cancellation is received.
    Until May 31, 2023: 0% of the invoiced amount (including taxes).
    Until July 14, 2023: 50% of the invoiced amount (including taxes).
    From July 15, 2023: 100% of the invoiced amount (including taxes).
  14. Obtaining the visa
    If an overseas applicant needs to obtain a visa, the applicant shall take responsibility to create, or follow the procedures for obtaining, the necessary documents.
    In principal, the organizer shall not issue, an invitation letter and a letter of guarantee according to the format designated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan for any applicants.
    Applicants who cannot exhibit due the inability to obtain a visa (ie. Refusal by Japanese authorities, insufficient process time) shall not have the right to claim against the organizer compensation for damages arising therein.
  15. Observance of regulations and cooperation in safety measures
    The applicant hereby agrees to observe the regulations set by the organizer as part of this contract and to abide by them. In addition, the applicant shall interpret all the regulations set by the organizer as aiming to preserve the benefits of this exhibition and agrees to cooperate in the execution of said regulations and safety measures.
  16. Changes and additions for the terms
    Applicants agree to obey the decision of the organizer about the any matter not provided in these rules. The organizer reserves the right to change or add rules by notification to applicants when they judge it is necessary for the aim of exhibition.
  17. Governing Law
    The exhibition contract shall be governed by, and construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Japan.
  18. Jurisdiction
    In case any disputes arise out of or in connection with the exhibition contract, the Tokyo District Court in Japan shall have the sole and exclusive jurisdiction.

(As of 12 October, 2022)